This web site is about Sridhara Maharaja and is being maintained by some of his disciples:-

Guruprasada das Provided photographs and information about Krishna Mayi Didi
Kundalata dasi Reviews and assists with editing the pages.
Paramananda das Provided transcriptions from the recordings of Sridhara Maharaja, and the Verses collection
Trilokanatha das (UK) Editor

The intention is to repeat his words and reflect his views without interpretation. The voice of Sridhara Maharaja "as it is".

Of course, some content repeats what others have said about him and there is information about other stalwart devotees related to him.

This is not an official web site and neither is it an alternative or a competitive one. It is simply an expression of love for him from some of his disciples. It is intended to compliment the various glorious web sites that already exist, some of which are referenced in the links page.

There will be some unintentional flaws in these pages and we humbly request that you let us know if you should find any. May Love of God blossom in your heart as you search for Reality the Beautiful.